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Вокодерно-аналогово-синтетическая зарисовка на тему «Соул встречается с Хип-Хопом». Фрагмент ревью английского журнала Cent Magazine: «If you are a fan of Janelle Monae, you’ll find the back conceptual back story endearing and Daft Punk fanatics will also get a kick out of it’s other-worldly robotic nature. Interestingly, it’s hyper-autotune vocalization might be a social commentary in itself, poking fun of today’s blatantly fake production techniques. Thus provoking the possible realization that it’s actual conceptual setting is in the present day.»


1. Instant Funk ft. Childish Gambino — Rockin’ 3005
2. Bunny Sigler ft. Chance The Rapper — By The Way You Juke
3. Diana Ross ft. J. Cole — Lights Hangover
4. Kelis ft. CL Smooth — Get Along With Love
5. Michael Jackson ft. Jurassic 5 — Freedom in Moscow
6. Amy Winehouse ft. Foxy Brown — Strongest Day
7. Marvin Gaye ft. Slum Village — Selfish Healing
8. Eddie Kendricks ft. MC Lyte — Keep On Truckin’ On
9. The Temptations ft. Kanye West — Touch the Cloud 9


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